With running belt 22" wide and 63" long, Trackmaster provides more running area than any club treadmill in the industry.

The double-sided running deck can be flipped in less than 10 minutes and absorbs and dampens even the most punishing shocks better than any previous model..

Our patented MasterTrack® belt alignment system eliminates the need to periodically align the running belt..

Trackmaster's new low-profile hood quiets motor noise and allows easier access for maintenance, while the sleek, restyled frame complements any facilities decor or layout..

Trackmaster's quiet, reliable AC inverter drive can easily handle users up to 400 pounds without the belt lag you'll find in lesser treadmills..

The Trackmaster model TM-225 and TM-500 (Programmable) each provide you with a choice of either Polar® or contact heart rate display as a standard feature..


Trackmaster controllers are user friendly and easily understood at a glance, allowing immediate access to any desired workout with the push of a single button. From the simplicity of the TM-225 to the fully-programmable, interactive TM-500, Trackmaster has a controller to fit your every need. Each controller includes built-in diagnostics and can be programmed to limit maximum speed, elevation and use time, while Auto-Speed Rest (ASR) makes sure the treadmill will start only at a safe, minimum speed.

Specialized Applications, Research and Stress Testing
Trackmaster's outstanding reliability and safety features make it the ideal choice for a wide range of demanding custom applications.

Our low profile design and self-calibrating digital signals for precise speed and elevation control are of great benefit and value to researchers.

Trackmaster's RS232 serial communication protocol has become the industry standard, allowing all Trackmaster models to be computer controlled. Once configured, the treadmill can be operated as part of many manufacturers' cardiac stress testing systems.

The 4' x 8' Model TMX 30/30 (pictured) offers researchers and trainers speeds up to 25 MPH with -10% to +25% elevation. It can be equipped with any Trackmaster controller and customized to suit any research application.

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