The Vision

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In order to meet the needs of his clients, Jim Steenbergen, owner and president of First Fitness, pioneered the concept of remanufacturing preened fitness equipment.

Working as a consultant to fitness facility owners, he frequently heard a common request for quality equipment at an affordable price. Experience dating back to 1976 from owning and managing four fitness facilities enabled Jim to relate to his client's requests.

Realizing an opportunity to help his clients keep their budgets in balance and still equip their facilities with quality equipment, Jim researched the possibilities. Choices for equipment at that time were limited to only a few manufacturers of new equipment. Pre-owned, remanufactured equipment was non-existant.

So, in 1982, the vision became a reality. Today, First Fitness remains number one in fitness equipment options, serving clients world-wide from our plant in Fort Worth, Texas.

Our Mission

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Proving through the years that First Fitness is more than a company who remanufactures preowned fitness equipment, we have made this our mission...

To respect and serve our clients as number one;
To seek out our clients' needs in the fitness industry;
To offer flexible, affordable options;
To maintain a win/win environment; and,

To uphold our number one position in fitness equipment options by delivering a customized quality product with an attitude of friendliness and help-oriented service.


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